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Monday - 9.45am Cholsey - Laurence Hall

Friday - 9.45am Cholsey - Laurence Hall

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Kids Painting


We make the mess so you don't have to!

Brand new art classes for under 5s in Wallingford and surrounding areas. 

Our sessions last 60 minutes and involve completing at least two Create activities for you to take home and cherish. 

From painting with paintbrushes to using everyday objects and, most fun of all, our hands and feet, we create brilliant artwork which can take pride of place on the fridge. We glue and stick to use air drying clay, pom poms and - best of all - GLITTER!

Numbers are limited so contact us to join a class today to guarantee your space for the term.

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Kids' Paintings


Let's have some fun!

At Create Mate, our mission is to have a shared learning experience whilst having lots of fun doing it.

We know it takes a lot to get out the art supplies at home so this takes the mess and stress out of it, whilst creating something special in the process.

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Something for Everyone

Art Class


  • Refines fine motor skills - holding colouring pencils, paintbrushes and scissors to glue sticks and glitter shakers, hand and-eye coordination is improved.

  • Introduction into a learning style environment with cause and effect,  colours, shapes and patterns all explored. 

  • Learn about cultural events throughout the year, from Halloween, Christmas and Easter to Valentine's day, Mother's and Father's Day and Bonfire Night.

  • Starts little minds focusing for longer periods of time on one task, helps build their concentration and patience. 

  • New channel of communication with loved ones to explain what they have done in the class and use new vocabulary to convey what they have achieved. 

  • For some children it is the first time they will have been in a group of peers all doing the same thing. 



  • Bonding chance for time away from screens and devices to spend one on one time with your little one. (Apart from the obligatory "look what I made" photos!)

  • Boosts self esteem by making something they can be truly proud of.

  • Shared learning experience which opens up discussions with loved ones as they explain what they did and how they did it. 

  • Chance to express themselves in a space where they are not afraid to give something a go, this teaches resilience and adventure from a young age. 

  • Children feel valued as their art work goes on display, whether that be a Nana and Grandad's house, on the fridge or in their bedrooms. 

  • Best of all, for me anyway, creates memories - my children still talk about what they did in their art club.

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As a mum of two young girls I know first hand how much fun, laughter and core memories are made when the glitter shaker comes out. They are times I truly miss now they are both at school so cannot wait to bring the joy of art into other families lives.

As a family we moved to the area in late 2019 and found quite quickly that there was no alternative art / craft club around here. So I made a promise that when both our little ones were in school I would love to bring that opportunity to our new community.

I feel very passionately about arts and crafts in the early years and all the benefits it brings. So I hope to see as many of you as possible to get our Create on.  


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